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Our job as health care specialists is to provide you with a natural road to health.  We do this by activating your nerve and immune systems, allowing them to work at their optimum level. Chiropractic achieves this by adjusting the spinal misalignments (subluxations) and correcting the spinal curves.  This allows the flow of your neurological impulses down your spinal cord and out to your vital organs. This free flowing communication from your brain to your body back and forth is what health is all about.  Subluxations can interfere with the body’s nerve and communication systems.  These misalignments can occur from physical injuries (traumatic or repetitive), psychological and/or chemical  stressors.  If your spinal joints and spinal column are not in good health osteoarthritis can take over.  The joint injury and incorrect motion of the vertebral joints lead to muscle spasms, scare tissue build up, bone spurring, disc degeneration and nerve injury.  This decay brings on aches, pains, illness and disease just like tooth decay, except there is NO replacement for your spine and nerve system.  Chiropractic Care is Wellness Care because it helps the whole body, not just parts of it, to keep you at your best.  We also give specific nutritional, exercise and de-stress protocols for your best health results.Type your paragraph here.

Where the Medical Community is going, and where Chiropractic is at.  As Chiropractors we believe in the persons whole body mind & spirit.

Life's Greatest Wealth Is Excellent Health!

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