GlenFeliz Chiropractic Associates (GFCA) has been treating families since 1984.  Dr. Claire H. O’Neill, DC, FICPA, CCT, FICCT, has been a part of GFCA Wellness Family since 1993.  Dr. Claire has two Fellowships one in Pregnancy & Pediatrics, the other in Thermography.  Dr. Claire is a sought after lecturer, speaker, and author on many wellness subjects including,  Diagnostic Skills, Chiropractic Adjusting, Sports Injury, Nutrition, Thermography and Pregnancy & Pediatrics.  On the latter two, she lectures for the California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners for doctor’s relicensing hours.  Dr. Claire is also a Certified Clinical Thermologist.  We are a family business that focuses on your health and well being. decorating your home with characteristics that describe you. We love to mix styles like modern and classic or industrial and glam-chic to give you a design that compliments your lifestyle and interests.

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Dr. Claire O'Neill, DC, FICPA, FICCT, BCCT Chiropractor & Thermographer

Dr. Claire O’Neill DC, FICPA, FICCT, BCCT  A sought-after expert, lectures for the California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners monthly, on Pregnancy, Pediatrics and Family Care along with Thermography and Women’s Health for Chiropractic Doctors re-licensing hours. She is published in JNMS, (The Journal of Neuromusculoskeletal) a Chiropractic Research Journal, research article on the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve.  Dr. Claire has also co-authored a book the World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed, where she writes about family wellness.  She was a regular Expert on HGTV's Smart Solutions with Matty along with multiple infomercials. Over her 20 years of experience she has been on the boards of many community and professional groups such as California Chiropractic Association and Rotary.  Dr Claire, is not only a Doctor of Chiropractic but also is a Board Certified Clinical Thermographer.  After having several family and friends diagnosed with breast cancer, she knows that it is the only thorough non-invasive approach to screening the breasts for cancer without damaging the body, along with diagnosing Neuromuscloskeletel disorders.    She is a dedicated mother of two that believes in your families’ Health and Wellness. 

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We review with you all treatment plans along with financials, Insurance and Cash, without pressure, so that there are no surprises. 


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